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Tick Protection Drops

Tick Protection Drops


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Created from Paralysis Tick Toxin, this product may desensitise your pet against the paralysis tick by providing a safe, micro-dose amount of paralysis tick toxin over time.

Australian wildlife have developed a natural resistance to the paralysis tick in this way.

This product is not AVPMA approved and your pet must be tick-checked daily.

In high-risk areas, a chemical tick prevention products are recommended to be used alongside the drops.

During the initial 30 days add 5-10 drops daily to drinking water, followed by:

Small Animals – add 5-10 drops to water/food every second day.

Large Animals – add 15 drops into water once a week.

Can be used for all companion animals including dogs, cats, horses, sheep, goats & calves

One bottle lasts 3-6 months depending on dosing frequency

Ingredients: paralysis ticks, spring water, alcohol

Safe to use on pregnant and debilitated animals.


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