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About Me

About Me

My holistic approach to pet wellness

My holistic approach to pet wellness

My approach combines conventional medicine with evidence-based natural therapies with a focus on improving wellbeing, vitality and quality of life and treating the whole pet - not just their symptoms. 

With over eleven years experience practicing traditional veterinary medicine and surgery, I know when pharmaceutical intervention is required and find it very valuable when rapid results are required. However I also understand that we have a huge range of options in treating and preventing disease using natural therapies. 

We can  work as a team to find the right balance between the two and implement an integrative approach that supports your pets own natural healing for better long term outcomes with fewer unwanted side effects. 

What is holistic pet care?

For dedicated pet parents who want the best for their fur-babes, a holistic approach is the best way to ensure your pet will live their healthiest and happiest life. 

This means looking at the whole pet and includes a thorough assessment of all aspects of their health and lifestyle including diet, exercise, emotional health along with their full medical history and physical examination findings. 

A holistic treatment plan includes a focus on disease prevention by optimising your pet’s diet with fresh food, nutritional supplements and reducing their exposure to chemicals and stress. 

“What I love about herbal medicine is its ability to improve the health and function of your pets organ systems, hence strengthening its ability to prevent disease. Also its ability to restore health by supporting the body’s innate healing mechanisms”

Why Do I use Natural Medicine?

Because it works! Everything I use is evidence-based, which means it has the scientific studies to prove it’s efficiency. Herbal medicine works by supporting the body’s own natural healing ability, rather than just suppressing symptoms. Not only do they avoid side effects, but they provide a pathway for long term healing and wellness. 

Who benefits from natural medicine?

Whilst every pet would benefit, There are a few pet conditions that benefit from integrating natural medicine into their wellness routine. If your pet has any of the following conditions. I have seen great results from incorporating elements of natural medicine into their routine.

  • All chronic conditions - any health condition that isn’t resolving over time despite treatments 
  • Recurrent complaints - health problems that come back for example pancreatitis 
  • Allergies & Skin Conditions 
  • IBD/IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome 
  • Cancer 

What if you don’t want holistic medicine?

That’s ok too! 

My job is to provide you with all of the options available, both traditional and holistic, ensuring you are well informed to make your own decisions about the treatment plan best suited to your pet. 

There is no one size fits all approach, which is why I believe it is so important to work as a team to develop a tailored plan that suits you and your pet. 

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