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Honeycomb eBowl LIMITED STOCK

Honeycomb eBowl LIMITED STOCK


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Dog's tend to wolf down their food, no longer with the newest addition to our slowfeeder bowl range! The Honeycomb is much larger than the leader of the pack, the Mandala which we love – and fits more than double the food!

Research shows that dogs are natural foragers and they will eat as quickly as possible, potentially causing issues like bloat – or worse.

Slow down your dog's eating with this incredibly cute and semi-challenging design.

ENRICHMENT: The Honeycomb eBowl promotes slower eating and improves digestion. Perfect for all size dogs including puppies.


The Honeycomb eBowl from us and Sodapup Dog Toys is perfect for serving wet and dry foods together without making a mess. You can combine foods together or separate them in hexagonal compartments – check out our Recipe Page for inspiration! The Honeycomb eBowl is around 4cm deep – yes, it's deep, perfect for medium-large dogs! It's able to go into the dishwasher for extra cleaning, too!


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