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Coca Cola Can Toy by Rover Pet

Coca Cola Can Toy by Rover Pet


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The Puppy series is made with a soft rubber compound made especially for tender mouths and teething puppies. They are extra chewy and durable to survive razor teeth of little puppies. Made in the USA.

Being specifically designed for your teething puppy, this toy is easy for them to chew on whilst providing comfort and relief for their teething gums! Comes with a 30 day replacement guarantee. Always supervise your pooch!

The Can Toy can be filled with treats and used as a fetch toy.

L – 10.9cm tall, 6.3cm wide, weighs 243grams. For dogs 15-24kg.

M – 8.4cm tall, 4.8cm wide, weighs 116grams. For dogs up to 6-15kg.

S – 6.35cm tall, 3.8cm wide, weighs 48grams.


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