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Turmeric & Liver Dog Bites

Turmeric & Liver Dog Bites


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Turmeric Dog Bites are a 100% natural food-source and nutritional supplement.

Formulated by Veterinarian, Dr Doug English BVSc, the combination of ingredients synergistically increase metabolism and bioavailability (absorption) of the superfoods, thereby increasing the health benefits.

Potentieal Benefits of Turmeric Dog Bites:

  • Accelerates recovery from illness & surgery
  • Anti-inflammatory (great for Cushing’s Syndrome)
  • Antioxidants eliminate free-radicals (which cause damage to cellular functions and DNA)
  • Arthritis (perfect for ageing dogs)
  • Increases energy in older & convalescing animals
  • Nutraceutical (foods providing health benefits)
  • Nootropic (supports brain function & cognition)
  • Healthy gut function (microbiome)
  • Immune system stimulation (disease resistance)
  • Promotes longevity (reducing free-radicals)
  • Supports coat, skin & nail health

Note from Dr Lu – contains BEEF LIVER hence suitable for most of my allergy patients

INGREDIENTS: Dates, Almond Meal, Turmeric, Cashew Paste, Liver, Pepitas, Shea Butter, Chia Meal, Flax Meal, Coconut Oil, Brewers Yeast, HSP, MSM, Collagen, Gelatine, Kelp, Black Pepper, Curcumin, Alfalfa, Rose Hip, Salt *Gluten Free

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