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Green Lipped Mussel Powder

Green Lipped Mussel Powder


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Green Lipped Mussel Powder made from 100% sustainably sourced New Zealand Mussels.

*High in omega 3s, which are natures best anti-inflammatory and also a powerful antioxidant

*Omega 3s are great for brain, joint and skin/coat health

*Dr Lu recommends this for pets with:

**Arthritis / joint disease

**Skin allergies & poor coats

**All inflammatory conditions

**All Senior Pets

*Easy to sprinkle onto your pets’s food.

Dose Range: Start low and increase gradually

Give daily into food

<5kg 3-5g

5-10kg 5-10g

10 to 25kgs 10-20g

25 to 40kgs 20-30g

40-50kg 30-40g

over 50kg 40-60g


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