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Detox Program Herbal Formula

Detox Program Herbal Formula


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This herbal formula was designed by Dr Lu to counteract the specific side effects we see after using the chemicals in conventional tick prevention products.

The herbs in the formula boost the detoxification pathways and help to clear chemicals from the body.

At the same time they improve the function of the liver & kidneys. 

Dr Lu recommends an annual Herbal Detox Course for most pets

Pets whom are in a high-risk tick area and whom need regular tick prevention chemicals will benefit from being on this herbal more frequently

Available for Dogs, Cats and Horses 

For other species, please book a 10 minute consult so we can make up a tailored blend

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50ml – Pets <5kg, 100ml – Pets 5-10kg, 200ml Pets 10-20kg, 500ml – Pets 20kg & over


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